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About Us

Chalk Farm Flowers has been established since November 2022. We are a seasonal, sustainable flower farm growing cut flowers.

We are Dan and Molly, both aged 21. We have been in Horticulture since leaving school.

We are both passionate in what we do and have great care for the environment. Every decision we make is dedicated in protecting the environment around us.

We practice a wide range of techniques in protecting soil health, from cover cropping, no dig methods, companion planting, composting, regular incorporation of organic matter. We also help protect the biodiversity of wildlife on the farm by setting up bird feeders, nest boxes, wildflower meadows and solitary bee boxes.

With the commitment to our sustainability we grow without the use of synthetic chemicals, with no single use plastics found in our flower wrapping.

We want to make a difference by promoting seasonal cut flowers, and as a result help to reduce the high carbon footprint of imported ones. A British grown bouquet, brought directly from a UK flower farm has only 1% of the carbon footprint compared to one grown abroad.

We hope to continue to encourage as many people as we can to buy local and sustainable flowers, and look forward to what the future may bring.

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